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Sanam Baloch’s First Screen Appearance After Marriage in Her Sister’s Sabreen Hisbani Show.

Sanam Baloch Mehndi 5

Sanam Baloch's First Screen Appearance After Marriage in Her Sister's Sabreen Hisbani Show.The News of Abdullah & Sanam's Weddings has got much buzz from the media. Now this time they both appear on screen at one. We know that they got married well it was a shocking news for fans when Sanam got suddenly marriage as she had not mention or decided for it ever before but by doing so. Both Sanam & abdullah Appeared in the show of Sanam's Sister Sabreen Hisbani's Show on Sama Tv. Sanam's Famiy was also their on the show. Sanam siad that she consider himself a worthy & lucky person when she takes herself as Abdullah's wife. She Said that on the occasion of Moun Dikhai her Husband offered her Quran which was the best gift she will ever ask for to him. While Abdullah Said Sanam is more closer than him when it comes to Abdullah's family which is good for him. The couple looked happy when they appear on the show. Well all we can say is that we wish both of you a happy married couple. May Allah's Blessing may bless on you the whole life. For more Detail Check out the Video. Read More »